Custom Johnny Cupcakes cupcakes (and cupcake van!) on suitcase tour

Custom Johnny Cupcakes cupcakes and the Johnny Cupcakes van from a recent stop (not sure which one though?) on the Johnny Cupcakes Suitcase Tour, which tonight hits Wish, 447 Moreland Avenue Northeast, (Little Five Points) Atlanta, GA at 7 pm. From this Flickr set by ohdearbarb. And I owe you all a writeup of the Johnny Cupcakes lecture at NYU - hopefully I'll have time while I'm in Denver this weekend.

This swag box looks gigantic!

Swedish fish cupcakes


Michelle said…
Those are pics from outside Just Cupcakes here in Virginia Beach, VA! I heard that Johnny Cupcakes was making a stop by their shop. :)

How neat to see a slice of cupcake heaven from my hometown on your site!
dearbarb said…
I never know when you post my photos, but it's always a LOVELY SURPRISE WHEN YOU DO! Thank you so much. This tour was SO fun and Johnny was such a cupcake! ;)