Kentucky Derby cupcakes: on the official menu


From an Epicurious interview with Chef Joseph "Jo-Jo" Doyle, Levy Restaurants Executive Chef at Churchill Downs, who's in charge of feeding the 150,000 attendees.

Epicurious: What is the Cupcake Rose Garland?

Chef Doyle: The Cupcake Rose Garland is a new addition for this year. It pays homage to the rose garland that is draped around the Derby's winning horse.

We have chocolate cupcakes with frosting that mimics rose petals and we designed a structure to hold them in place in the shape of the rose garland. Guests can come up and help themselves to a cupcake. We think it will be pretty popular; we ordered 14,000 rose cupcakes.

From the opening:

Levy Restaurants, the group that caters the Derby, estimates they'll go through 475,000 pounds of shaved ice, 2,250 pounds of mint, and 7,800 liters of bourbon.

And a photo, via Twitpic by @laurenfimbres