Vegan cupcakes gone wild

I discovered Fresno, California custom cupcake company Sweet Elites Vegan Cupcakes on Facebook, and was intrigued by their flamingo cupcakes:

Then I saw their profile photo of cupcake cartoon art:

You can see more images on their blog, where they describe themselves as:

Sweet Elites is a at home cupcake shop that specializes in vegan baking. My cupcakes are all dairy and egg-free, & 100% cruelty free. I am able to cater for any event you may have, & provide delivery. I am very passionate about my work & I never settle for having mediocre cupcakes. All of my cupcakes & frostings are made from scratch.

Email sweetelites at for orders or questions.

What fun! Here are a few more images from their Facebook page and blog:

fruit tart cupcakes

banana split cupcakes with cherries on top

owl cupcakes!

inside hazelnut cupcake with hazelnut mousse filling

Description from their blog:

I was really impressed with these lil lovelies. The mousse was so rich and delectable with a bit of Kahlua and espresso inside. The cake itself was extremely good as well, and I would consider it even mildly healthy due to it containing ground flax seeds and brown sugar. Inside the cake was also cinnamon and a wee bit of Kahlua liquor. Very yummy! When the cupcakes were finished baking I lightly brushed them with some more Kahlua and patiently waited for the ganache to cool down. I stuffed them as full as possible with mousse and topped them with the ganache and sprinkled carmel brulee to finish them off.

carrot cupcakes

These are (are you ready?) Double Chocolate Chip with Pomegranate AND Chocolate frosting, topped with Ganache spackle!


jo clark said…
If there is a cupcake contest on Food Network, this would probably be on the top ten list. Cupcakes are easy to make. It does not take too much time to bake. And you get to use your creative in different ways.