Yummy Cupcakes cupcakes, truffles, biscotti and cupcakes in a jar!

I don't have time for a longer post right now, but wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to Yummy Cupcakes for delivering to me, free, a huge box of cupcakes as well as cupcake truffles, cupcakes in jars and cupcake biscotti! More on them later. So far, I've tasted the peanut butter cup cupcake (with chocolate cake) - delicious frosting, moist, great cake, the coconut (very sweet, very coconuty, in a good way) and the vegan lemon tart which is my favorite! See my full Flickr set here.


Yummy Cupcakes flavors

Inside Yummy Cupcakes peanut butter cupcake
inside chocolate peanut butter cup cupcake

Yummy Cupcakes red velvet cupcake in a jar
red velvet cupcake in a jar

mint chocolate chip

Yummy Cupcakes vegan lemon tart cupcake
vegan lemon tart cupcake

Yummy Cupcakes cupcakes

Yummy Cupcakes cupcakes


Shannen Seow said…
OH MY GOODNESS. Rachel I'm sooo envious of your CUPCAKE SURPRISE!!! I love presents (surprises especially), and most of all...CUPCAKES!!! I wish you shared them with me xP Oh by the way, I emailed you all before but you all didn't reply:(
Please reply this comment and get back to me at shannen1992@hotmail.com
Take care and God bless!

Your faithful follower,
Shannen Seow
Kara said…
I love your site. The red velvet jar looks utterly amazing! Yum! I recently started a blog to document my search to find the perfect red velvet cupcake (www.redvelvetdiaries.com)...never imagined a jar before. My eyes continued to be opened. Thanks for sharing!