Cupcake Wars debuts on Food Network June 18th

I've been meaning to post this and may have already done so (all this traveling is killing my memory) but anyway, set your Tivos and mark your calendars - June 18th cupcakes go prime time (and on the horizon is Cupcake Sisters on TLC with the sisters behind Georgetown Cupcake).

From The Cupcake Tribune:

"Cupcake Wars": It's the battle of the cupcake. In each episode, four of the country's top cupcake bakers will face off in a series of challenges testing their creativity, flavors and presentation, for a chance to present their cupcakes at a major event. (June 18)


Colaman119 said…
Every war has casualties. On Food Network's "Cupcake Wars" it might just
be your feelings if your cupcakes don't win the battle. We used the Phantom
and some slick editing to pull off the promo campaign.

Check out the latest spot by Click3x and how it was made.