Graduation cupcake pops, Elmo cupcake pops & much more by Lollicakes

I've been meaning to post about The Lollicake Bakeshop's adorable cake pops for a while and will do a more extensive post at some point but couldn't resist the adorableness of these graduation cupcake pops (via Flickr). They're in Denver, Colorado (with a satellite location in Boston), which I wish I'd known when I visited, though I will be back and will be sure to contact them.

Graduation Lollicakes

Here's their official description of what a Lollicake is:

Lollicakes are yummy, bite-size cupcakes on a stick! Rich cake blended with creamy frosting and dipped in vanilla or chocolate, lollicakes are the perfect hand-held treat.

For regular flavors, 24-100, they're $2 each, 101-250, they're $1.75 each, for specialty flavors (below), for 24-100, they're $2.25 each, 101-250, $2 each, for both over 250 pops, prices available upon request.

Actually, I couldn't resist a few more adorable cupcake pop photos:

Happy 12th Birthday Lollicakes!
birthday cupcake pops

Ladybug Lollies
glittery ladybug cupcake pops

Mother's Day Lollicakes
Mother's Day cupcake pop bouquets

My version of Bakerella's Be Happy Pops!
smiley face cupcake pops inspired by Bakerella, who has an entire cookbook of (cup)cake pops coming out this fall

Elmo Lollicakes
Elmo cupcake pops!

Gluten free Lollicakes are available and these are some of their flavors:

Seasonal Flavors
Pumpkin Spice - Delicious pumpkin cake blended with cream cheese frosting

Lucky Charms - Lucky Charms cereal combined with cream cheese frosting - they are magically delicious

Girl Scout Thin Mint - Thin Mint cookies mixed with cream cheese frosting

Gingerbread - Traditional gingerbread with a hint of orange combined with cream cheese frosting

Specialty Flavors
Jack and Coke - Chocolate Coca-Cola cake infused with Jack Daniel's whiskey and mixed with cream cheese frosting

Guiness Stout - Dark chocolate cake drenched with Guiness stout and mixed with Bailey's cream cheese frosting

Chocolate Cabernet - Wine soaked chocolate cake mixed with dark chocolate frosting

Mimosa - Bubbly champagne cake mixed with orange cream cheese frosting. Try it dipped in chocolate for a delicious twist!

The Lollicake Bakeshop
lollicakebakeshop at

Baby Girl Lollicakes


LolliCakes said…
Thanks for the post! Little did Bakerella know what she created when she demonstrated her cupcake pops on Martha. We have been having fun creating Lollicakes and sharing them with all who want a little taste of Heaven...
Vivienne said…
I love Bakerella and the whole idea of cupcake pops, and these are just beyond cute! So lovely; I really need to get round to trying out the cake pops thing myself. I especially love the little mothers day bouquets featured here