PattyCakes mini cupcake delivery from NJ

[Update! See my note at the end of this post, as Pattycakes no longer offers shipping. -- Stacie]

New Jersey cupcakery PattyCakes just sent me a box of bite-size do-it-yourself cupcakes to taste, photograph and review:


I don't recall it being marked perishable, but it did arrive two days after it was mailed (a Monday to Wednesday travel schedule).

First thing I noticed was the cute packaging:


The packing peanuts are made out of corn starch and dissolve in water. That was a BIG plus to me, as I detest Styrofoam and the wastefulness of most packing materials. This might be even better than my first choice, popcorn.

There was a sweet note included in the box giving directions and information about PattyCakes's dedication to the environment. Another plus.


In correspondence with Patty I mentioned that I was a vegetarian who almost never gets to try marshmallow cupcakes, because they are usually made with gelatin. Patty sent an extra-large helping of the vegetarian (!!) marshmallow topping for me.

The mini-minis (they are bite-size) cupcakes came in egg containers! Too cute and a great idea for shipping. The wrappers, which were soaked by the cupcake grease, looked like they had a cute print on them (but I couldn't be sure what exactly it was).


I am not normally a fan of sprinkles, so I constructed the cupcakes without findings.


Patty's instructions were to dip the cupcakes in frosting and then the sprinkles, but I found it much easier to spread the frosting with an offset spatula or a knife.


I did dip them in the sprinkles though, just to see what they'd look like.

PattyCakes sent chocolate chip, dark chocolate, and red velvet cupcakes. My favorite were the chocolate chip, because they had a bit of texture in them. The cakes themselves were fine. A tiny bit dry from shipping, but tasty. The red velvet was moist, and stood up to the trip.

The two frostings included were marshmallow and raspberry. I actively disliked the raspberry (crisco-ish and tasteless) but the marshmallow was sweet and marshmallow-y. As I said I don't like the waxy taste of sprinkles so I didn't eat them.

I would say that these cupcakes are best for kids and kids' parties. I can imagine how excited all the kids would be assembling and topping their own mini cupcakes and the flavor profiles are perfect for children. These are not sophisticated cupcakes. But who says they have to be?

Pattycakes Bakeshop
Haddonfield, NJ

Shipping policy:
"All orders are sent via USPS Ground (2-3 Day Priority) or USPS Next Day Air. We do not ship to Alaska and Hawaii at this time. USPS Ground is only available to select zip codes that deliver within 48 hours from NJ.
Because mini’s are perishable, they are shipped nationwide within two days via USPS. All orders are shipped Monday - Wednesday to arrive within two days."

All images by Stacie Joy for CTTC; see full set here.

[Important Update! Pattycakes no longer offers shipping, so please do not contact her for cupcake shipping, thanks.]