10 cereal cupcakes that will make breakfast your favorite meal

Everyone's heard the saying "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day," right? Well, I am a major cereal fan, and cupcakes and cereal pairings are a lot of fun. There's cupcake bakery The Shoppe in Denver, where they sell big bowls of cereal alongside cupcakes. And then there's Post's new Cupcake Pebbles cereal.

And then there are these cupcakes...with cereal on them! Have you made one we missed? Write us at cupcakestakethecake at gmail.com or add your photo to our almost 80,000 cupcake photo pool on Flickr.

Tawest64 on Flickr went above and beyond...combining Cupcake Pebbles with cupcakes!

Cupcake Pebbles Cupcakes
Vanilla cupcakes studded with Cupcake Pebbles, frosted with white chocolate frosting and dipped in Post Cupcake Pebbles!

Captain Crunch Berry Cereal Cupcakes
death by cupcake on flickr made Captain Crunch Berry cereal cupcakes
Crunch flavored cupcakes with berry icing and topped with a crunch berry marshmallow treat that is drizzled with white chocolate

Flour and Sun Bakery in Pleasantville, New York made Fruity Pebbles cupcakes (via Flickr)

urbanfoodie33 on Flickr made these: Orange-Carrot cupcakes with orange cream cheese frosting and topped with Basic 4 cereal

lucky charms cupcakes
Lucky Charms cupcakes by saucydragonfly on Flickr which are blogged about here:
rainbow chip cupcakes with vanilla buttercream, marshmallow filling and decorated with lucky charm cereal bits, yellow decorating sugar and a gold coin, they were MAGICALLY DELICIOUS!

Yummy Cupcakes, custom made cupcake
This one's a custom Captain Crunch cupcake by Yummy Cupcakes; see jleighb on Flickr for a full report.

Froot Loops Cupcake
Froot Loop cupcake via Flickr) - the recipe is blogged at Cupcake Corner

and the inside:

Innards of a Froot Loop Cupcake

One of the themes for cupcake baking competition Iron Cupcake: Milwaukee was cereal. See this post for more photos and details. The photos below are from that event:

ICMilwaukee - Cereal - Cinammon Toast Crunch cupcake by Megan
Cinnamon Toast Crunch cupcakes by Megan (via Flickr)

ICM: Apple Jacks Cupcake
Apple Jacks cupcake (via Flickr)

ICMilwaukee - Cereal - Rice Crispy Treat Cupcake by Ashley
Rice Krispie Treat cupcake (via Flickr)

And a bonus:

A fake cupcake cereal box by roboppy on Flickr


Tracy said…
That first cereal cupcake looks mighty familiar :-) Thanks CTTC!!!
Liz Kitchens said…
These cereal cupcakes are so fun.
Dessert Darling said…
I love your blog!!! These images and this concept is Amazing! If you ever come to California and need to know where to get the best cupcakes, check out my blog where I rate and review desserts! xo