Raccoon cupcakes!

It's my last morning in Austin before an afternoon of travel so my posts may be light, but I will have many Austin cupcake reports (5, in fact) and thank everyone for their hospitality. Look for those posts this week, along with lots of July 4th-related cupcakes (if you've made some or are selling any, send details/photos to cupcakestakethecake at gmail.com or add them to our Flickr pool, which, as always, is the best way to get photos to our attention - and it should go without saying, but only cupcakes belong in our cupcake Flickr pool).

These raccoon cupcakes are by blogger blempgorf via Flickr. So fun!

raccoon cupcakes

raccoon cupcake


Penny said…
AMAZING!! Bravo!! :)
Cake & Heels said…
Love these!!
Cinched Waist said…