Vancouver Cupcake Challenge winners and photos

Vancouver, Canada, held its 1st Cupcake Challenge this weekend and the winners, from co-organizer Follow Me Foodie, were:

* Vancouver’s Best Cupcake Food Bloggers’ Choice – Big City Cupcakes

* Vancouver’s Best Cupcake People’s Choice – Frostings Cupcakery

* Vancouver’s Best Cupcake Judge’s Choice – Frostings Cupcakery for Neopolitan Cupcake

The other co-organizer was Nicole of Nicole Marie Events.

Sierra Gemma at Beyond Robson writes (see her post for all her cupcake picks):

In an effort to be an objective journalist and for no other reason, obviously, I tried cupcakes from all six of the cupcakeries that were serving samples while I was at the Challenge. So that you don't have to trouble yourself to perform a tedious probe into the various cupcake offerings in Vancouver, here are the results of my own tireless and selfless investigation:

  • Frosting Cupcakery takes the (cup)cake with their Tropical Storm: "coconut cake loaded with banana, pineapple and topped with coconut flavoured cream cheese frosting and sweet coconut!" There were actually tiny pieces of cool pineapple in the frosting. It was to die for. Literally. Your body simply can't sustain repeated injections of this much sugar.

  • In second place was Big City Cupcakes with their Truffle and Snowball cupcakes. The Truffle is a moist chocolate cupcake filled with a ganache truffle centre, topped with more ganache and chocolate shavings. The Snowball is a vanilla or chocolate cupcake topped with coconut butter cream and coconut shavings. I tried the vanilla and it was a coconut lover's dream.

  • The Vancouver Observer reports (click for photos):

    Each participant had a variety of delicious cupcakes, with one or two special feature cupcakes which they were to be judged on. Cake Tease had one of the most unique feature cupcakes, a cookies and cream cupcake which owner Theresa Lanziner swears tastes just like a DQ Blizzard. My personal favourite was Indulgence Dessert’s moist dark chocolate cupcake topped with their decadent caramel buttercream frosting...

    Although Big City Cupcakes seemed to win over the public’s tastebuds, it was Frosting Cupcakery with their 45 different cupcake flavours who won over the official judges: Mark Busse, Miranda Nelson, Sheri Radford, Anya Levykh, Jen Ranjit, and Elizabeth White.

    Alongside providing the city of Vancouver with a day of fun and free samples of delicious cupcakes, Pak and Marie “really wanted to create a Foodie event that would attract a large, eclectic audience.” The event was a definite success with over a thousand cupcake lovers coming to taste, judge, and enjoy some of British Columbia’s finest cupcakes. This was truly an event that “really helped to bring the community together.”

    Photos below by Ariane Colenbrander, via this Flickr set.

    Cake Tease cupcakes

    Cupcake Couture cupcake

    Rick Chung has a writeup on his blog and some photos, via this Flickr set:


    Carpe Cupcakes! said…
    I have had the Snowball cupcake at Big City Cupcakes in Vancouver....and I would fly up there just to get one! It was moist and the coconut flavor was fantastic. I bought one and headed to the Blenz coffee shop on the next block. Per-fection!
    Kimberly Johnson said…
    Does anyone know where the red and white cupcake liners with blue ribbon that Cupcake Couture used came from? I would love to find some of those! They are beautiful!