DC Cupcakes TLC reality show about Georgetown Cupcake sneak peek: "Need More Red Velvet!"

On Friday, July 16th at 10 pm, DC Cupcakes, the TLC cupcake reality show featuring sisters Sophie LaMontagne and Katherine Kallinis, who run Washington, DC's Georgetown Cupcake premieres. We showed you the commercial for it; now here's a sneak peek from TLC on YouTube.

Below are some photos from TLC:

And Georgetown Cupcake is touting their show on their Facebook page with this cupcake wearing sunglasses and are also giving away cupcakes every day with a trivia contest:


Palumbos said…
I own a cookie business...and NEVER would I allow one of my employees to speak to me the way you let your Head Baker or his Cousin speak too you the way they did!! Especailly on live television....Sophie, you should remember it is your business...and if you don't have Respect from the beginning in the long run you will have trouble...Especially, when dealing with deciding to do the Children's Chairity...the is an Owners decession - not the Head Bakers or His Cousin...