Cupcake sadness (but still delicious!)

I brought some cupcakes from Baked by Melissa (remember: tomorrow is your last day to get their sundae cupcake, Wednesday will bring a new flavor of the month) to a friend yesterday. The first few are what the cupcakes look like in the store. Their box has a slot for each of the 12 cupcakes (I got one of each flavor plus an extra, because I wasn't sure what my friend would like), but when you're swinging the bag and jostling it, the last photo shows what can happen. I take full responsibility, because I was walking all over and taking the subway and wasn't holding them in a way that would protect them.

Treat your cupcakes with care! Next time I'll photograph them all nestled in their cute little box so I can show you (and the recipient) what they are supposed to look like. See for ordering information, including nationwide shipping.

The bag:


I'm told they were still tasty, even if some of the frostings got mixed together.