10 Favorite Owl Cupcakes

Because they are so fun, we present our top 10 cute owl cupcakes (though we reserve the right to make another top 10 owl cupcake list sometime in the future, because there will surely be more)! Many of these are inspired by the popular cookbook Hello, Cupcake! by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson.

This owl with glasses cupcake by blogger Baa Baa Cupcake, Have You Any Frosting?  inspired this post!

Lots of owl cupcakes by Confabulation in the Kitchen

owl cupcake by Animated Cupcakes via Flickr:

These owls were made using chocolate fondant (Choco-pan), white chocolate melts and M&M candies for the eyes. The candies were fastened using icing. The eyebrows and wings (feathers) are almond chips. The body design are little "V" letters made with purple gel icing & the nose is just a large round quin (sprinkle) broken in half.

yellow owl and bird cupcakes by hello_naomi on Flickr

via hello_naomi on Flickr
I'm using two by beloved cupcake creator Hello Naomi (and counting them as one to squeeze in the most owl fun possible) because they are just so cute!

Valentine's Day owl cupcakes by Blue Cupcake via Flickr

(this one deserved a closeup, don't you think?)
Owls Luv Coconut Cupcakes by Amy Bakes Cakes (click through for a tutorial on how to decorate your own owl cupcakes, via Flickr)

Cool owl cupcake topper by mariaVcreative on Flickr

and owl wearing a hat! Cookie dough and vanilla cupcakes with a handmade fondant bouncing owl. By sophisticatedcupcake on Flickr

a very expressive vegan owl cupcake by *sfw* on Flickr

The extra big Oreo cookie eyes and cute chocolate ears on this owl cupcake by All You Need Is Cake on Flickr round out our top 10!


Miss Amy O said…
so many owl cupcakes- love them all! thanks for including my lil' owl cupcakes and link to my tutorial :)
Cindy said…
Love 'em all. I have an owl cupcake on my "Sweet Tea with Cindy" blog as well. But it pales in comparison to these cuties! Thanks for sharing. Sincerely, Cindy
Anonymous said…
Adorable! I feel inspired!
Joelle said…