Jenny makes Cupcakes and Cookie Cupcakes!

How much better can a cupcake get?  Moist cake topped with a sweet frosting?  How about if it was in the shape of a cookie?

Jenny Keller, from Washington State, sells her cupcake cookies and her cupcakes on her website, Jenny Cookies, and they are some of the most adorable things I've ever seen!

You can order her creations on her website.  Cookies start at $2.25 and cupcakes at $2.75.  She also makes cakes for parties and weddings! Those range from $75 on up! You can also call her at 425.346.5424 for special orders & pricing info!

You can also find Jenny on Twitter and Facebook!

She'll be brining her cookies to our 6th Birthday Bash in Seattle too! (Tickets still available!)

(Above) Jenny and her daughter dressed up like cupcakes! Oh my goodness, how cute!!

All photos courtesy of Jenny Cupcakes.