Review: Sutton Gourmet Paper cupcake liners

Sutton Gourmet Paper is a designer cupcake liner company that creates liners that do not lose color or design after they are baked.

From their website:
"After years of researching to find quality paper — and putting liners from around the globe to the test — I created a product that bakes beautiful cupcakes every time. Sutton Gourmet Paper now offers eight designs and has more in the works. I am proud to offer these papers to both professional and personal bakers, including moms like me who want value for their money. Cupcake baking liners need to be colorful, grease-free and look beautiful using only one liner … even with a chocolate cake recipe!

High-end consumers also want memorable, sophisticated designs. Our whites stay white, the colors are vibrant and the designs are crisp. Each set of 50 baking cups is packaged in a round, clear plastic container that contributes to the liners’ baking success. Unlike cellophane hanging bags, these tubs protect the shape of the liners so they bake perfectly and don’t have to be used all at once."

I was given the opportunity to try out a few cupcake baking cups from Sutton Gourmet Paper. What better reason to make cupcakes than some super cute new liners!

These liners claim to keep their color and design.... I sure hope they do because I've tried MANY liners that are just so cute... but you can't see their design after you bake them! A waste of 1) time looking for cute liners and 2) money! Uggghhh!

In the mail came this! A mixture of some super cute liners! I'm excited now to try them all out! Here's the variety they sent me.

Aren't they adorable... now, let's get them ready for baking!

And the final result.... PERFECT!! The liners did exactly what they said they would do. They held their color and design! I was reluctant to believe at first these liners would do what they said, but after testing them out myself, I'm a believer! See for yourself!

I will definitely purchase these cupcake liners again! And especially if they get new designs.... I have a feeling that they will become VERY popular with bakers everywhere!

You can purchase Sutton liners on their website for $3.95 for 50 standard baking cups. They also have an option to buy their liners at wholesale prices.

For more information about these Sutton Gourmet Paper cupcake liners, visit:


Little Miss Cupcake said…
gorgeous! thanks for this resource!
kellie sutton said…
Love this review!