Mini cupcake toppers on bigger cupcakes

Blogger Confessions of a Cookbook Queen solved a cupcake dilemma and turned it into something extremely cute: mini cupcakes atop regular-size cupcakes! She writes:

Of all of my collections, I'd have to say that cupcake toppers, liners, and sprinkles are the cheapest to purchase....which means that I have a huge drawer and an entire cabinet dedicated to cupcake supplies. The thing about my toppers though, is that they are so cute that I can barely stand to use them. When I give away cupcakes with toppers, I'm honestly very tempted to ask for them to wash and return the toppers when they are done. Very, very tempted.

It's a difficult time for me when that happens.

This weekend though, I found a solution to my problem. I created very cute and edible cupcake toppers that can be made in minutes and are extremely inexpensive. No longer will you have to pry topped cupcakes from my hands while my eyes well up with tears.... you can have 'em!! Better yet, I'll teach you how to make them yourself.

photo via Flickr


lmm_lisa said…
Its good to know i am not the only person who buys cute things and cannot bare to part with them. especially when thats what they are meant for - note cards, cupcake accessories... i too have been thinking when people take off the royal icing flowers or picks "oh no, wash it and keep it!" so its nice to know i am not the only person...!
Kitten said…
That's my picture but I'm not with Confessions of a Cupcake Queen - I was just giving credit for the idea she had! Thanks for the photo feature though!!!!