2011 Happy New Year cupcakes by Anita Jamal

I for one am very excited about 2011. I don't love New Year's Eve as a holiday but I do like the idea of turning over a new leaf, wrapping up one year and beginning the next, so I'm getting the New Year's celebrating in early with this cupcake by the very talented Anita Jamal on Flickr. If you're making or selling 2011/New Year's cupcakes, whether that's special flavors like champagne or ones with "2011" on them, let us know by adding them to our Flickr pool (our preferred way of receiving photos) or emailing them to us at cupcakestakethecake at gmail.com with "NYU" in the subject line and a description/price/etc.

And I couldn't exclude her Christmas cupcakes: snowflake, Santa and a Christmas tree with presents!