Tron cupcakes by B Sweet Catering in Los Angeles!

I will freely admit to you that I hardly know what Tron is; I'm not saying I'm against it, maybe I'd like it, and I'm dimly aware that TRON: Legacy is about to be released.

But even though I'm not sure what "old school" and "new school" mean in relation to Tron, I do love cupcakes, and I'm sure some of you will be intrigued by these cupcakes by Los Angeles custom catering company B Sweet, who also have an extensive sandwich, food and other dessert offerings, along with cupcakes. They're based in downtown LA but deliver all over the Los Angeles area. These photos are all from their Flickr account, with a bonus non-Tron reindeer cupcake photo thrown in, because it was too cute to ignore!

TRON: Legacy cupcakes

B Sweet's custom "Old School Costume" cupcakes.

Inspired by the original "Tron" movie.

Old School Tron "Bad" Cupcakes

B Sweet's custom MCP and Sark cupcakes. Inspired by the original "Tron" movie.

reindeer cupcakes

B Sweet Catering
B Sweet Catering
3380 ½ S. Robertson Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90034
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Brave New Cupcake said…
Wait... the banner with these cupcakes reads "TROM," am I the only person confused by this?