Green Bay Packers & a White Velvet Vanilla Bean Cupcake recipe

Green Bay is still in the playoffs and I had an order for some customized cupcakes for a Green Bay birthday party this past weekend!

For the cupcakes, I made a White Velvet Vanilla Bean cupcake topped with Vanilla Bean Buttercream.  Oh  my goodness, let me tell you... I LOVE this vanilla cupcake recipe! It's dense but not too thick, moist yet still has little bits of cake that crumble with you take a bite and FULL of flavor!

The recipe I used for these cupcakes came from a White Velvet Raspberry cupcake I did a while back... but I vamped it up a little bit by adding sour cream and steeping the milk with a fresh vanilla bean.  YUM!

 This new recipe is also the same recipe I used for these Seahawks 12th Man Cupcakes!