Little fish cupcakes following a big fish, plus happy face cake pops, monkey cupcakes, cookie diplomas and more!

These super cute cupcakes are by Somers Point, New Jersey company Mommy Make a Cake, who I discovered when they posted on our Facebook page wall. They can be reached at mommymakeacake at or 609-457-8209.

I love this cupcake/cake pairing - they go together perfectly!

so happy!

cookie diplomas on graduation cupcakes

patriotic stars


Angie said…
How cute are these! Love it!
Laurel Geisbush said…
Love the fish cupcakes & mommy fish they are swimming with. Seeing the photo of these fish cupcakes drove me to center the entire party around them. Thanks for sharing!!

Here's my version:
Anonymous said…
These cupcakes are so cute! My favorite are the ones made to look like fish.