Chicken and waffle cupcakes with maple syrup frosting and recipe link!

Yes, this really is a chicken and waffle cupcake with maple syrup frosting, and you can get the recipe from Formal Fringe. Wow! From the post:

So here you have it. A waffle-inspired yellow buttermilk cupcake topped with maple syrup buttercream frosting and a mini helping of chicken and waffles.

And just in case that whole deal doesn’t sound amazing enough, let me tell you what else is special about these guys: Each cupcake is infused with a shot of straight-up maple syrup right in the center.


Hilary @ Cupcake avenger said…
I thought I'd seen everything with the Fig Newton baked into a cupcake, but this really takes the cake :) I'd contend this is the new Bacon-and-Pancakes Cupcake, great idea!