Survey Results On Cocoa Powder


There were over a 100 responses to yesterday's survey about cocoa powder.

Here's are the results:
  • 32% Hershey's Special Dark
  • 27% Valrhona
  • 16% Ghiradelli
  • 8% Scharffren Berger
  • 6% Guittard
The five brands above account for 95% of the responses. Is Dutch processed cocoa powders your favorite for chocolate cake?  Is natural cocoa your preference for red velvet cake? We would also like to hear about your favorite cocoa powders used in Canada, Mexico, the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, the moon. Please leave a comment below. Thanks!


Serena Snoad said…
In the UK, high quality cocoa powder is Cadbury's bourneville, Cocodirect or Green & Blacks varieties.