Halloween vampire bite and pumpkin cupcakes by Melbourne's Sugadeaux Cupcakes

How will you be celebrating Halloween? If you're in Melbourne, check out these Halloween cupcakes with a twist by Sugadeaux Cupcakes: a vampire bite cupcake ("vanilla cake with "bloody" jam centre and bloodied fang marks") and a pumpkin fall spice cupcake ("Vanilla cake spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon, with a ghoulish pumpkin decoration"), for sale only on Halloween (see Facebook for details on this special). via Flickr. Get ordering information at sugadeaux.com.au or on their Facebook page.

And in non-Halloween cupcakes, they've also got some new cupcake flavors for you to try:

peach sweet tea cupcake ("iced sweet tea flavoured cake with peachy frosting")

milk n honey cupcake ("old secret family recipe for honey cake paired with cream cheese frosting")

chocolate chip cupcake ("vanilla cake studded with choc chips, creamy vanilla frosting and a cookie piece garnish")


Nicky said…
How I love the bloody cupcake! It's perfect for a ghoulish Halloween party... and that chocolate chip cupcake is right up my alley! ♥