Live from Scottsdale at Cupcake Love-In: cupcake costume, cupcake photo booth, and cupcakes galore!

A few snapshots from the beginning of Scottsdale's Cupcake Love-In, where there's a photo booth, a kids' cupcake bar, poolside checkin, raffle prizes, mini cupcakes in amazing colors and flavors, and so many amazing-looking cupcakes. (I'm a judge, and am about to go try them.) Full report this week. So happy to be here in the sun and discovering so many cupcake makers! Stay tuned to @cupcakeblog on Twitter because I may Tweet a few images too. I'm in a big rush posting these but if any of these are your cupcakes, email me at cupcakestakethecake at with "Love-In" in the subject and I'll add your credit and link.

Cupcake costume!

ballerina cupcakes

peanut butter and jelly cupcakes

lemon tree angel wing cupcakes

rainbow sherbet cupcakes

cupcake photo booth

apple tree cupcakes

candy corn and pumpkin Halloween cupcakes