Nutella Cupcakes with Triple Cream Cheese Frosting

Image courtesy of Goodlife Eats
Just the sight of the name of these cupcakes made my mouth water. That's an indication of one amazing recipe...wouldn't you agree? These Nutella cupcakes are topped with a triple cream cheese frosting. What's so triple about it you ask? Well, there's actually three separate cream cheese frostings. Chya. It's so serious. The frostings are: Nutella Cream Cheese, Almond Butter Cream Cheese and Vanilla Cream Cheese. Katie Goodman of Goodlife Eats is a cupcake genius for creating these. Check out the recipe here!


Gerri Powell said…
These cupcakes look absolutely amazing! The frosting reminds me of the vanilla-chocolate soft serve swirl ice cream con I would get when I was younger at the beach. Yummy!