Stout Cupcakes with Chocolate Covered Pretzels with Recipe Link

Somehow I managed to stumble upon another beer cupcake recipe. I'm still trying to get myself to indulge in such a sinful vice but have yet to bake up any alcohol based treats for myself. However, these beer-infused cupcakes created by Jamie of My Baking Addiction look too delicious not to at least try! I was particularly intrigued by these espresso stout based cupcakes because of the chocolate/coffee flavor mingling of it all. The kicker is the dark chocolate covered pretzels atop these little bad boys, because in her words, "what goes better with beer than pretzels?!" She created an easy to follow guide on her site so you can create these dude pleasing cupcakes for yourself!


Robin Percyz said…
YUM - pure decadence!! These look like some of the best cupcakes ever!!! The only way they could get more over the top is if you added bacon! Haha