Cupcakes and cowboy boots for sale at new bakery Sweets & Spurs

I love the idea of Sweets & Spurs, the new cupcake bakery in Norman, Oklahoma (side note: my grandfather's name is Norman!). I mean, look at this awesome photo:

They also do custom cupcakes, and you can find out more about them on their Facebook page (where these images are from) and follow them @sweetsandspurs on Twitter.

their new gingerbread cupcake (via Twitter)

I found out about them from this story at

McGowen said she's pretty certain she made the right decision, and being next door to Juan del Fuego Mexi Diner has helped boost business, she said.

“Everyone comments on how refreshing it is to see something different,” she said. “It's been really exciting to see new people every day. We let anyone and everyone come in and try on boots, and we have price points that fit everyone.”

McGowen admitted she was a little worried at first about how the boots would go over. Now, she said, it's hard to say if the boots or baked goods are more popular.

“Some days we sell a lot of pies, some days we sell a lot of cupcakes,” she said. “Last week, we had a day where we sold a bunch of boots. I keep saying it will be a perfect storm when we sell a lot of pies, cupcakes and boots in the same day.”

Angry Birds cupcakes

These are their daily cupcake flavors:

Vanilla Howdy – sweet vanilla cake with creamy vanilla infused frosting
Chocolate Outlaw - triple chocolate cake with swirls of sinful fudge frosting
Southern Charm – red velvet cake with tradition southern frosting
Tumbleweed – apple cinnamon cake with brown sugar streusel and cinnamon swirl topping
Fancy Free – light lemon cake with delicate twists of tangy lemon frosting
Pink Casanova - strawberry cake with real fruit and cream cheese strawberry frosting
Mema Knows Best – fluffy angel food cake with mixed berry glaze

And their weekly cupcake flavors:

Mon: Peanut Butter Posse - chocolate cake with creamy peanut butter filling and peanut butter frosting
Tue: Campfire Goo – chocolate cake with graham cracker crust and marshmallow topping. So good you’ll want s’more!
Wed: Hoity-Toity - white chocolate cake with raspberry filling and white chocolate frosting Thurs: Happy Trails - rocky road cake loaded with almonds, marshmallows, chocolate chips and all the toppings
Fri: Gitty Up - spiced carrot cake with walnuts and velvety cream cheese frosting
Sat: Caramel Two-Step - milk chocolate cake with caramel filling and smooth chocolate frosting

but are there any cowboy boots with cupcakes on them?? That would be something!

Sweets & Spurs
215 34th Ave SW, Redbud Plaza (Across from Sam's Club)
Norman, OK 73072
info at