Cupcake headband, cupcake wine stoppers, cupcake doorknob pulls, rings, charms, jewelry box and much more from Etsy

We've been featuring all sorts of cupcake goodies from Etsy, but I keep finding more and more that are so fun and unique and would make great gifts. All of these cupcake items are from Etsy seller shimrita, whose shop is full of even more cupcake merchandise in various colors and designs. Note: none of these are actual edible cupcakes. I don't want anyone to get confused. You can also find them on Facebook.

cupcake headband

cupcake wine stoppers

cupcake door knob pulls (they come in various designs)

monster cupcake ornaments

Sesame Street character cupcakes

cupcake ring

cupcake charm plus spoon

cupcake jewelry box

fake cupcake photo props


ScrapyCrafter said…
Oh my! how adorable are these accessories!! I totally digging the ring!!!

Savannah Chase said…
Those are so wicked...
amy lynn said…
Hi! I love your blog, good to know i'm not alone in my cupcake obsession ;-) I need some help though & am feeling a bit dumb.... i went to the etsy site in hopes of buying door handles, hopefully the ring, but only saw "fake" cupcakes that look real to be used for photoshoots. Can anyone help? I'm not very familiar with etsy but i looked around quite a bit.

Thanks and i hope you'll check out my Oklahoma City faves, Pinkitzel (which will knock your socks off) and my very fave, which is stylistically the opposite of Pinkitzel - "Cuppies and Joe". One is like Wonderland and the other your fave college coffee shop. Both so yummy! Thanks in advance for anyone who can help with the Etsy site!! :)
Wow! I'm digging the cupcake knobs.....super cool+sweet. :)