Pancakes and bacon, salty chocolate trail mix, piňa colada, chocolate coconut custard, blueberry cream cheese, chocolate chip and many more cupcakes by Brandon Cakes in Kailua, Hawaii

Before I share these beautiful cupcake photos that make me want to just be in a room with all these gorgeous cupcakes, I want to say that one of the things I love most about cupcake blogging is the community of bloggers, bakers, and eaters. I've been very impressed with how collegial the bakers I've corresponded with in Hawaii are, and this is a case in point: I discovered Brandon Cakes, the company whose custom cupcakes are seen below, because Angel Cakes Hawaii posted on our Facebook page. Pretty cool, right?

Also cool is Tuesday night's Honolulu Cupcakes Take the Cake meetup with free cupcakes! You don't have to RSVP, but if you're coming we ask you to so we know how many cupcakes to have on hand. So far we've got 25 people and I am thrilled about meeting local cupcake fans and bakers (whether you sell your cupcakes or not, you're welcome to bring some, but not obligated to). Any questions, email us at cupcakestakethecake at (if it's related to Hawaii, put "Hawaii" in the subject line).

You can order custom cupcakes from them; they're based in Kailua. These photos are from their Facebook page. They also sell their cupcakes at The Food Company Kailua at 1020 Keolu Drive. You can email them at sales at or call or text for faster service: 808-780-3505. You can see all their regular cupcake flavors here, and they also have a special alcohol cupcake menu here. Those flavors have names like angry gorilla ("chocolate cupcake baked with brandy-soaked bananas, frosted with 99 Bananas buttercream, drizzled with brandied chocolate, topped with crushed banana chips") and lava flow ("oconut rum cupcake filled with strawberries frosted with Piña Colada cream cheese, trimmed with coconut flakes, topped with a cherry & pineapple chunk"). January's featured flavor is champagne! They also sell mini cupcakes.

pancakes and bacon

salty chocolate trail mix

piňa colada

chocolate coconut custard

blueberry cream cheese

chocolate chip

pink coconut ice - white chocolate and coconut

white chocolate macadamia

peanut butter cup

Valentine's Day rose cupcake bouquet (order by February 7th)


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So many great ideas and flavor combos!