Spinach cupcakes by Crumbs to celebrate Popeye's birthday

Okay, you got me - these are not actual spinach cupcakes, as in, they do not contain a green leafy vegetable (I'm pretty sure) but they do feature a can of spinach and the other one has Popeye on it, and they're by Crumbs Bake Shop via their Facebook page. They open their bakeries so fast we have trouble keeping up, so to make sure you get in on all their free cupcakes giveaways and specials, like their Facebook page, follow @CrumbsBakeShop on Twitter and visit crumbs.com. They just opened 2 bakeries today in Washington, DC, at L-Street (1107 19th street NW) and L’Enfant (located in the L’Enfant Plaza food pavilion).