Winter Wedding Cupcake Series Part 3

Welcome back brides-to-be!!!
This is the last segment of my 3 part series to showcase some gorgeous winter wedding cupcakes--inspired by my own winter wedding!

What I have today are some cupcakes that feature a color--mostly reds and blues. Blue is a very wintery color, and red is usually associated with Christmas and holidays or even Valentines day--very winter appropriate.

Here we go!

here's a closeup of the cupcakes:

from tumbler (the actual site name is an expletive...but the cupcakes are awesome!)

I also have some more bride and groom cupcakes made by beaucoup cupcakes in CA--thanks for the photos!


Well, sadly we have come to the end of our Winter Wedding Cupcake Series. I hope these photos have inspired you-- for any wedding season!!!