the Winter Wedding Cupcake series...Part 1

I love winter. I love snow. I love pure white.
My husband and I were married January 22, 2011, and we had a "woodsy winter" wedding. It was magical. It was beautiful. And it was cold!!! This was in Buffalo, NY, mind you. (You can save the raised eyebrows---I know, I know, buffalo winter= we are crazy.)

We didn't have cupcakes... but our cake was gorgeous. This was our cake topper ( I couldn't resist!!)

Oh it was just amazing!!! Ok I'll stop gushing now....

So-- I have decided that since I loved my wedding soooo much and I love winter weddings soooo much and it's our anniversary coming up that I would try to post some winter wedding options for cupcakes!

I'm thinking of doing a 3 part series:
part 1= white wedding, simple, all around snowy and white
part 2=bride and groom cupcakes, i do cupcakes, and some I've made!
part 3=winter wedding colors: usually reds, blues, sometimes green. (ours was purple!)

Here goes Part 1:

AND my ultimate favorite:

These are really just a few of a zillion designs out there. Please check back in the next few weeks for more winter wedding cupcake photos!

***I know many couples become have recently become engaged thanks to the recent holidays- if you're planning a wedding... consider a winter wedding!! It's economical! AND unique! :)***