Allergen Free Valentine's Day Treats From Izzi B's

Yesterday, Pam from Izzi B's stopped by and gave me a sample of the Valentine's Day cupcakes.

Valentine's Day:
  • Allergen-Free Mini Cupcakes in Heart-Shaped Box 
  • Two Valentine's Day flavors: Chocolate Chili Spice Cupcake with Chocolate "Ganache" Frosting and Chocolate Raspberry with Raspberry Frosting 

I love the Chocolate Chili Spice Cupcake! It has a nice kick to it. 

In Manhattan, the cupcakes are available at Food Liberation Health Market (1349 Lexington Avenue Front 2) or they can be purchased online at or by calling  203-810-4378. We ship all over the country or hand deliver to areas close to our Norwalk, Conneecticut bakery. You can find Izzi B's on Twitter and Facebook


Phoebe said…
This is fabulous! Chocolate Chili Spice, one of my favorites... Beautifully decorated & allergen free ~ love it!