Big yellow taxi New York cheesecake cupcake at Georgetown Cupcake SoHo

I'll post later about how much I loved the new Georgetown Cupcake SoHo (see Stacie Joy's post about launch party), and more details about their blinged-out mixer, but a short post for now about their cheesecake cupcake, one of many flavors they sell. Below are details about Sunday's meetup there from 2-4 pm. One thing I love is that they have different flavors daily. I've circled the ones I want on the handout they give you, so I know when to come back for which ones. I have a feeling I will be back very often (like today, tomorrow...) because there are so many I want to try! Georgetown Cupcake, 111 Mercer Street, NYC. Visit for more information.

The cheesecake was good, though I'm not really a cheesecake fan, so a true cheesecake lover could tell you more. I liked the way it looked and it was smoothy and creamy. I bought this one ($2.75) mainly because I liked that it was New York specific. It was a bit crumbly, and had a graham cracker crust on the bottom. I'm not sure what the disk on top was made of but it was very sweet; edible, but I'd say leave it for decoration. If you like cheesecake, I recommend this; they also had cheesecake cupcakes with Broadway street signs on them.

Cupcakes Take the Cake Meetup
Sunday, February 19, 2-4 pm
The famous Georgetown Cupcake from the DC area has just opened a location in New York City. We are going to eat cupcakes, meet people and have fun. Georgetown Cupcake is in Soho at 111 Mercer Street between Prince & Spring Streets. Please bring cash/credit/debit card as cupcakes are a la carte. The Cupcake Meetup will be from 2PM-4PM.

You can get to the bakery by taking the R to Prince Street or the 6 to Spring Street.

And yes, the meetup page says we're full, but feel free to show up and join us, and make sure to join our group so you can keep up with all our wonderful plans. And everyone is welcome on our Cupcake Cruise August 19-26, 2012, from New Jersey to Bermuda! More details on that coming next week.