Chocolate lab dog cupcakes. You're welcome.

How sweet are these chocolate lab cupcakes? They're by blogger Munchkin Munchies, who brought us those beautiful rainbow cake pops, and were inspired by their dog, Riley, seen below, using the cookbook Hello, Cupcake! by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson. From the post:
*I used fondant (colored with gel), instead of candy, for the ears, nose and tongue. I also added black gel coloring to the chocolate icing(from "Hello Cupcake") to match Riley:)


PB and Peppers said…
Oh my Gosh! Make me one, make me one! These are so friggen adorable. I want a yellow lab one, since I have two yellow labs, I'll need 2 cupcakes, please!
Sue said…
What a wonderful surprise! I'm so happy to see my cupcakes here:) THANK YOU! Two days ago was Riley's birthday, so this is perfect timing:)