Cupcakes on fire! Flaming Baked Alaska cupcakes with brandy by "cupcake arsonist" Sprinkle Bakes

Check out these outrageous and inventive cupcakes by blogger and "cupcake arsonists" Sprinkle Bakes, who has instructions and the recipe! Here's a teaser on how she makes them fire up: "To make the blue-flame magic happen, turn down the lights and sprinkle a couple of tablespoons of warmed brandy over each meringue-coated cupcake." They're a followup to her chocolate cupcakes with flaming strawberries, which I've also included a photo of below. Wow! Kudos to her for daring to break open the flames for the sake of a cupcake.
Just call me the cupcake arsonist.

This is the second time I've intentionally set fire to this cutesy confection. What's the appeal? Maybe I feel the cupcake could use a break from its curlicued reputation. Or maybe it appeals to my inner juvenile delinquent who loves to play with matches. All I know for sure is, this is one incredibly delicious show-stopping dessert! It's a perfect dramatic finale for any dinner party.


Sofia said…
Those strawberry cupcakes look crazy!!!