Guinness Stout cupcakes with whiskey ganache and Bailey's Irish Cream frosting for St. Patrick's Day with recipe link

Blogger Erin over at Lemon Sugar has made some extra boozed up St. Patrick's Day filled cupcakes (the shamrock toppers add an extra special touch), and she has the recipe along with some encouragement for you:
I know that some of these filled cupcake recipes seem intimidating when you read the recipe. There are quite a few steps involved, but it's definitely worth it. They payoff for your time is extraordinary. You can spend an hour making and frosting cupcakes from a box mix, or you can spend 90 minutes making these. And once you make your first successful filled cupcake, you'll be hooked. Using a pastry bag to frost cupcakes seems "fancy" but it's actually quite a time saver. I can frost 24 cupcakes in about a minute. You can buy a 16 inch pastry bag for about $4.00, and a tip for about $2.00.