Mallomar cupcakes, plus love, gingerbread cookie, hot cocoa, apple pie and pretzel twist

I will totally travel to New Hampshire for a Mallomar cupcake! I've now eaten cupcakes in 19 of the United States, so I have 31 more. Perhaps this summer. This is what's on tap today at Queen City Cupcakes in Manchester, New Hampshire, via their Facebook page: "Today we have: Mallomar (like the cookie) - which is a graham cracker cupcake with marshmallow buttercream and dipped in a hard chocolate shell. We also have: vanilla bean, PB cup, chocolate, kit kat, lemon drop, apple pie, chocolate covered potato chip, sweet n salty, and chocolate strawberry kiss." Yes, the love cupcakes were for Valentine's Day, but are still cute (also, heads up, most bakeries will do custom orders so if you see Valentine's cupcakes you adore, and want them for an event or a special person, give your favorite bakery a call).

Gingerbread cookie cupcake. Gingerbread cupcake topped with vanilla frosting, gingerbread cookie crumble and dusted with powdered sugar.

hot cocoa

apple pie cupcake

hot fudge cupcakes

Pretzel Twist. Vanilla cupcake, milk chocolate frosting and topped with white and milk chocolate pretzels and then drizzled in chocolate.

Queen City Cupcakes
790 Elm Street
Manchester, NH 03101
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