Mini pancakes piled high with maple syrup frosting on cupcakes plus recipe link

Apparently, it's Pancake Day, so Happy Pancake Day! That one passed right by me, but it did not escape the notice of blogger Butter Hearts Sugar, who made these piled high with pancakes cupcakes and has the recipe!

From the post:
While eating cupcakes for breakfast is not new to me I get that some people might get bit funny about it. With these cupcakes there's no need to feel bad about having them for breakfast or if you look at it the other way around, having pancakes for dessert. These cupcakes are so super quick and easy to make and turned out beautifully, light and airy just like perfect pancakes should be. I couldn't have pancakes without syrup and cupcakes without frosting, so each little cake was finished with some buttery maple syrup frosting and a mini stack of pancakes.