Mint chocolate Cthulhu, Zelda red velvet, Carcassonne, chess and many more game cupcakes by Geek Sweets at Game Summit 2012

Who better than Ottawa, Canada's custom dessert maker Geek Sweets to attend the Game Summit 2012 and make special cupcakes? These are just a few of Geek Sweets' special geeky cupcakes. I am not a gamer and hardly know what many of these are (I had to Google Cthulhu and Carcassonne), but I still think they're awesome and love that they were at a gaming convention.

As a chess player, that one is my favorite. And s'mores. S'mores forever; that's pretty much my favorite cupcake flavor ever so if there is ever a s'mores cupcake I spy, I will eat it. Or, in this case, blog it. The last one is an homage to Hello Kitty, and maybe doesn't exactly go with the rest visually or thematically, but is so adorable and looks like I'd love it that I couldn't pass it up. It's "a strawberry whipped cream filled, strawberry marshmallow frosted fluffy vanilla cupcake" called "The Hello Kitty." All via Geek Sweets on Facebook and on Flickr. Contact them at jenny at or call 613-809-GEEK and visit Geek Sweets at for ordering information.

Mint chocolate Cthulhu cupcakes


AmazingStarts said…
OMG I'm completely addicted to the Chess cake!!! Are the pieces made of modeling chocolate???