More pancake cupcakes for Pancake Day, this time, with pancakes on a bunny

These pancake cupcakes for Pancake Day (technically, yesterday, February 21st, but IHOP is celebrating "National Pancake Day" in the US next week on February 28th by giving away a stack of free pancakes) are by Bubba's Bakery, via Flickr and Facebook. They can be reached at becky at or +44 170.246.9137 and you can find out more at Not sure why there are pancakes on a bunny, but there are. Here's what they've cooked up:

Icecream and choccy sauce
Strawberries and cream
Banana and butterscotch
On top of a bunny
Lemon and sugar
Short stack with maple syrup


Shmack said…
Regarding the rabbit- he was an internet celebrity! Here's his wiki page (though the famous pancake picture isn't there, but I'm sure you can find it if you image search "Oolong pancake")
Lady J said…
This is where the bunny is from. It's been on the internet for quite some time.