So much fun at Georgetown Cupcake, plus gluten free lava fudge gooeyness

We had so much fun at yesterday's meetup at Georgetown Cupcake in SoHo! Owners Katherine and Sophie were there working so we got to meet them, and we tried lots of flavors, including peanut butter fudge, strawberry (which was amazing and a definite favorite among us), lava fudge, black and white, red velvet and carrot. Here's a few photos; proper review coming as soon as I can.

I wanted to highlight the fact that they not only sell a beautiful gluten free cupcake, gluten free lava fudge in this case, but that it was delicious, with that liquidy chocolate oozing out from the inside, a very fresh cake (as were all of them) and delicious frosting. I hope it doesn't offend anyone who can't eat gluten, but when I like a gluten free cupcake, it's usually those where I can't tell the difference, and in this case, I couldn't at all. I didn't do a side by side comparison but I did also try a regular lava fudge and both were great. Visit and stay tuned here and at our meetup group for our next NYC event. I'll be hosting a Chicago cupcake meetup at Swirlz March 17th from noon-1; free cupcakes for the early birds (first dozen).

Georgetown Cupcake sisters and DC Cupcakes stars Katherine Kallinis (left) and Sophie LaMontagne (third) with Nichelle and me

gluten free lava fudge cupcake

carrot cupcake

lava fudge cupcakes

peanut butter swirl cupcakes

assorted: red velvet, chocolate on vanilla (I think this is called chocolate birthday?), black and white, strawberry