Sponge Candy Cupcake!!!!

If you're from Buffalo, or visited Buffalo, you most likely have tried sponge candy.

"Sponge Candy is a succulent piece of candy with an inside that tastes somewhat like molasses and caramelized sugar. It’s texture is very unusual in that it is crisp at first and then melts away in your mouth. And of course, don’t forget the creamy blanket of milk chocolate or dark chocolate that covers that tasty inside." from spongecandy.com

Well, the Cupcake Orchard in Buffalo, NY has taken this amazing candy to a new level by creating the sponge candy cupcake!!!!

A brown sugar-vanilla cake, topped with a whipped chocolate ganache frosting and finished with a sponge candy crumble.

AMAZING!!! Check out the Cupcake Orchard's website for more info! 


k said…
Had this cupcake the other day...delicious! All there cupcakes there are amazing!
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