Five Reasons To Book Cupcake Cruise Now

blue velvet cupcakes from baked

Sunday, we had a lovely cupcake meetup at Baked at Brooklyn.  We got to sample new cupcake flavors like Blue Velvet. We  also talked to our Cupcake Cruise Designers, Scott and Sally. The cupcake cruise is in August, but we encourage to book now. Here are five reasons to do so.

  1. Those booking prior to March 31, 2012 will receive a $100 per cabin shipboard spending credit to use any way they'd like onboard the ship (drinks, spa treatments, specialty dining restaurants, casino, gift shops, etc…)
  2. Cabin prices will only remain at their current levels for a limited time… Prices could increase at any time, and the only way to lock in the lowest prices is to book now!
  3. For those wishing to travel with their kids, there are only a limited number of cabins that can hold a 3rd and / or 4th passenger. We have no control over how quickly those types of accommodations will sell out, and so for those who need them, you need to book now!
  4. Cabin availability in general is something that we cannot control, and so space continues to fill up aboard this cruise. Those wishing to secure the very best cabins need to book now!
  5. The required deposit of $250 per person is FULLY REFUNDABLE up until 75 days prior to the cruise. So even if you are THINKING about taking this cruise, it's best to get in and book NOW and know you have no risk.