Glittery Mother's Day cupcakes to make any mom smile, plus rocky road chunk and other fun flavors

We'll be sharing many more Mother's Day cupcakes (and Easter too!), so if you've made some, send them our way at cupcakestakethecake at with "Mother's Day" in the subject line and details or links, or, better yet, post them to our Flickr photo pool or Facebook page. These Mother's Day cupcakes are by Lola's Kitchen, in London, UK, via @lolascupcakes on Twitter. Cupcakes are available at Harrod's and by special order. They can be reached at hello at or 020 7483 3394, and you can visit for more information, as well as their Facebook page.

While I'm posting about Lola's, here are a few of their Pink Label cupcakes, from this Facebook photo album (photos by Felipe Sucupira). Gorgeous!

rocky road chunk
chocolate brownie
lemon pie
chocolate mint truffle