Periodic table of cupcakes at book party for periodic table themed novel Itch by Simon Mayo

UK author Simon Mayo has a new novel out called Itch, about the period table of cupcakes, so what better way to launch his book party than with a periodic table made out of cupcakes to celebrate? Via @RebeccaMPike on Twitter. These aren't the first periodic table of cupcakes, but they are extremely adorable and whoever made them deserves a giant round of applause!

If you're a periodic table fan too, here's more information about the book: "Itch is an accident-prone, science-mad 14-year-old boy whose explosive hobby is collecting the elements of the periodic table. However, when he discovers a new element things take a turn for the downright dangerous." Read the first chapter at The Guardian.


Ally said…
You come up with such good ideas for decorating cupcakes. It would be great if you could post some basic tutorials along with the pictures so people could try out your amazing ides. Have you ever made the cupcakes themselves different shapes?