Smoke your cupcakes? Vaportrim vanilla cupcake flavored "dessert inhaler" claims to "taste just like dessert"

Whoa...Emily McCombs over at xoJane tested out the Vaportrim cupcake flavor and...

You can watch her reaction:

and read about it in more detail, like: "What this product does not taste like is delicious dessert. It also does not make you feel like you just ate dessert. If anything, that hint of dessert-y flavor made me crave a real vanilla cupcake, the exact opposite of its intended purpose. As does the picture of the cupcake on the box."

Here's what Vaportrim claims:
A pint-sized party favorite, this dainty dandy consists of moist white cake slathered in rich, buttercream frosting and stippled with a festive assortment of colorful sprinkles. Wonderfully sweet and buttery, Vanilla Cupcake is pure fun and pure heaven for cake lovers. Dig in!
I don't think anyone reading a blog called Cupcakes Take the Cake would be interested in smoking their cupcake flavor or missing out on the deliciousness that equals cupcakes, but there are all kinds of people trying to make money off of people who like cupcakes, and this is one more wacky product out there.


Liam Lama said…
Wow, what a weird invention! next stop are meals in pill form i reckon!