A s'mores cupcake I didn't love, from House of Cupcakes

I am inclined to like all things s'mores, so when I have a s'mores cupcake that I am not that smitten with, it's disappointing. Yesterday I stopped by Cupcake Wars winners House of Cupcakes, which is a cute cupcakery in Princeton, New Jersey. I got a box of six cupcakes for $11.25 (buy 5, get one free) and I'll post about the others separately, but the s'mores just didn't do much for me. The chocolate cake was crumbly and not that flavorful, the frosting was extremely, extremely sweet and didn't taste much like marshmallow or s'mores. I don't know exactly what the candies on top are, but they were crunchy and sweet and wound up being my favorite thing about this cupcake. I know for some people the idea of marshmallow anything is just too much for them, and usually I'm the one sticking up for marshmallow, but in this case, I didn't love their s'mores cupcake. The salted caramel frosting and espresso brownie cupcakes I did enjoy though. You can visit them at thehouseofcupcakes.com and also follow them @HOCPrinceton on Princeton or on Facebook (though I'm not seeing much activity on FB).

s'mores cupcake

they also sell pupcakes (I don't have a dog, so I didn't get one)