Sprinkles Cupcake ATM Crashes

Image Courtesy of NBC Los Angeles
According to NBC Los Angeles fans of Sprinkles Cupcakes have actually crashed their new ACM (Cupcake ATM) while trying to fulfill their sweet tooths! But no worries, it's back up and running now!

From the NBC Los Angeles Report:

Sprinkle’s first-ever automated cupcake dispenser opened for business this week and it’s been so popular that, at one point, customers’ cravings outweighed the machine’s abilities.

"This kind of machine is built to do a couple hundred transactions a day," said Nicole Schwartz, Sprinklesdirector of marketing. "The amount of volume was unprecedented for this machine."

It wasn’t clear whether overheating or a misguided arm was the culprit, but a couple hours with an engineer and the popular machine was up and running again – and taking attention away from the flagship bakery next door.

After reading another report from LAist.com it's no wonder that the ACM finally crashed, it's been serving about 1,000 cupcakes DAILY!

From the LAist report:

Since the Sprinkles 24-hour cupcake automat opened for business on Tuesday, it has been insanely popular. At some points lines stretched halfway down the block, sometimes running 50 people deep. The lines were long, even when the bakery staffed by actual live humans was open.

"At points, there would be no line at the bakery itself while a few feet over, people queued up for their turn to 'withdraw' from the Cupcake ATM!" Nicole Schwartz, a spokeswoman for Sprinkles said.
The automat has been dispensing 1,000 cupcakes a day, which is more than Sprinkles anticipated. The popularity of the machine led to some hiccups Wednesday night, when the automat stopped working. It was dispensing one "withdrawal" a minute, which was faster than the machine could handle.

Wow! I still need to get myself down to Beverly Hills to try out the new ACM! Just in case you're in the LA area and want to take a trip yourself here's some more information on Sprinkles' Cupcake ATM:

Twitter: @CupcakeATM
Facebook: Cupcake ATM
9635 South Santa Monica Boulevard, 
Beverly Hills, CA 90210