Vegan fruit and flower cupcake spotlight on Cupcake Wars winners Bliss Cakes by Stephanie Sparkles

Last night, I started ogling the photos on the Facebook page of Bliss Cakes by Stephanie Sparkles, after seeing the beginning of TV competition show Cupcake Wars. I didn't get to finish the post before seeing that they'd won! For our recap, click here. They do custom cupcakes and delivery in the greater Los Angeles area, and can be reached at stephanie at or 424-259-3036; visit for more information. Here are some of their gorgeous cupcakes. They've also got a cookbook and you can follow them @s_sparkles on Twitter.

cupcakes at Burning Man

Here are just a few of their cupcake flavors:

Long-Life Goji Berry
From ancient Chinese medicine comes the Goji Berry, revered for longevity enhancing nutrients and its chewy citrus berry flavor. This tasty chocolate cake is filled with a heart of real Goji Berry kreme, and capped with fresh coconut frosting.

Acai Jungleberry Bliss
A purple-powered tropical kiss: luscious lemon cake frosted with exotic acai, real blueberries, and fresh fruit. Acai, a wild berry from the rainforests of Brazil, is packed with powerful antioxidants, nourishing amino acids, and essential fatty acids.

Tangerine Poppyseed Dream
Unforgettably sweet and citrus-ey! Moist poppy seed cake, sparkling with real tangerine zest, and capped with a juicy tangerine frosting!

Wild Jungle Peanut-Butter Choco Delight
A new twist on a classic flavor: decadent dark chocolate cake, with a gooey heart of real Balinese RAW chocolate, topped off with a frosting of creamy Wild Jungle Peanut-Butter. Wild Jungle Peanuts are pure, heirloom peanuts, loaded with antioxidants, complete protein, and beautifying oleic acid. Because they're grown wild in the Amazon, they help to protect our rainforests!

Tropical Avocado Mango Twist
A fruity, creamy, spicy little mouthful. Mango cake filled with coconut kreme and frosted with buttery avocados, mangos, and a dash of chili for some tropical heat.

Ginger Chai Spice
Like a creamy mug of zesty chai tea: warm and comforting. Fresh ginger cake awakened by a creamy frosting with a dash of Indian chai spice.

Sweet Picnic Chevre
Fluffy vanilla cake, enlivened with a luscious fig preserve, swirled with a creamy goat cheese frosting, and crowned with fresh-sliced pear. Rich and refreshing: perfect for a picnic!